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Facts about glueless laminate flooring

1.  Faster Installation
Because of the unique "locking" tongue and groove system, they snap or click together, without the need for adhesives, straps or clamps to hold starter boards in place, glueless floors are easier and faster to install than conventional laminate floors. The precision fit between planks eliminates gapping problems and related customer callbacks.  These new systems are designed to cut approximately by half the time required for installation.

2.  No Waiting Time After Installation
Also, glueless laminates can be walked upon immediately after installation and, because adhesive is not part of the equation, no additional labor is needed to clean glue haze from the assembled floor. Whether the floor will be laid by the professional installer or the weekend do-it-yourselfer, glueless laminates represent the industry’s latest and so far best attempt to create a foolproof floor.

3.  Ability to Disassemble and Reinstall
Finally, the "glueless" tongue and groove locking system also has the advantage of allowing the floor to be taken up and re-laid somewhere else.


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