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Finishing Up

Laminate trim pieces add a final decorative touch.  Most manufacturers offer a selection of pieces in colors and patterns to match their flooring.  A range of common options are shown below.  Some are almost essential.  If you're installing two different laminate flooring, laminate T-molding designed to fit the gap between them is probably your best bet.  Other trim is optional - a traditional shoe molding will cover the expansion gap as well as a laminate one.  Whatever trim pieces you choose, let the floor dry overnight before you install them.

Trim pieces, like reducer strips and T-moldings, cover the transition between two different floors.  The molding is designed around a metal track that maintain the gap.  You screw the track to the subfloor, leaving the proper gap between the track and the laminate floor.  The trip snaps into the track.

Reducer Strip - Makes a smooth transition from your laminate floor to another type of flooring, particularly that of a lower height.
Baby Threshold (end molding) - Finishes the space where laminate flooring ends (such as sliding glass doors, along wall bases, door thresholds and carpet).
Quarter-Round Molding - The classic finish to your laminate floor; used where wall and flooring meet.
T-Molding - Fills the gap at doorways, and finishes spaces between the two areas of laminate flooring.
Wall Base (baseboard) - The classic finish to your laminate floor; used where wall and flooring meet.
Flush Stair Nose - Overhangs steps.  Screw and glue in place
Step Nose - Used where laminate flooring meets a step down or landing.
Decorative Grates - Finish off your new wood-look laminate floor with a new real-wood vent.  They're available in range of wood species and stains to complement laminate floors.


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