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Finishing The Job

Color coordinated trims - T-moldings, reducer strips, end caps, and so on - make finishing your laminate floor as easy as installing it.

The trim pieces are glued in place or fastened with a metal track.  The track is required, it comes with the screws you need to install it.  First remove the 1x2 backstop.  Then simply cut the track and molding to length, screw the track in place, and press the molding into the track.

Trim the track  with a hacksaw.  Cut the molding face-down with a circular saw.  Clamp each piece to the work surface so it doesn't move while you cut.

Fastening the Track
Measure the opening and cut the track to fit with a hacksaw.  Butt the ends against the door frame.  Place the track so there's a 1/4" gap between it and the flooring on each side.  Mark the track's predrilled screw holes, then drill pilot holes and screw down the track.
Positioning the T-Molding
Measure and cut the molding to fit snugly against the door frame.  Angle the molding slightly so one edge of its underside fits into the track.
Pressing the molding down
Angle the length of the molding into the track and snap it into place.  Press down on the edges to ensure a tight, even fit.


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