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Design Decisions

Contemporary Design
Contemporary style has 20th century designers to thank for its clean, sleek lines. The style has no ties to the past; in fact, it celebrates technology and honors innovations such as modular-steel construction and laminated wood.

Light background colors and high contrast create a sleek, clean, serene environment in which personal collections come into sharp focus.

Bold geometry, light wood grains and unexpected materials make flooring a key element of contemporary rooms.

The simplicity of Contemporary style makes it and ideal backdrop for all kinds of personal collections as long as they're simply and sparsely displayed.


Country Design
Imperfections lend country style homespun charm and comfort, linking it to a sense of fond remembrance. Today, country is merging with a more modern sensibility that minimizes clutter and honors utility.
Country's favorite color palettes range from earthy shades of brown and green to crisp blends of blue, white and yellow.   

Wood grains, both natural and washed with muted color, exemplify country floors, as do checkerboard tiles and bricklike pavers.

Country style is pure, simple and sometimes primitive. It can be both masculine and feminine too.

Witness the strong lines of cabinets and architectural details, as well as the softness of a skirted table, window shade or fresh flowers.


The vast array of country collectibles takes in everything from ironstone plates and pitchers to handmade baskets and simple Shaker boxes.

Traditional Design
Traditional style is rooted in the early days of European opulence. Think Chippendale or Hepplewhite, and you’ll picture the stability and quality for which traditional style is known.

Lighting fixtures make fine use of brass, glass, silver and gold, yet something as modern as a recessed light can blend seamlessly into a traditional setting.

Jewel tones and rich colors are the hallmark of traditional style. Fabrics include deeply textured tapestries and rich crewels, as well as timeless stripes, plaids, toiles and floral patterns.

Earthy colors, the marbling and texture of stone and brick and the high-sheen finish of hardwoods all exemplify traditional style.

Refined and distinctive, traditional collections might include china, porcelain or crystal. Displayed with decided formality, they connote luxury and good taste.


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