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Moisture Testing and Hardwood Floors

Moisture control or awareness is critical for successful hardwood flooring installations.  Several hardwood floor organizations have their guidelines to go by. These guidelines have proven over the years, if followed correctly will allow for a problem free hardwood floor for years to come. Climates and regions play a role in determining what kind of moisture content is safe.

Acclimation of hardwood floors to the jobsite, proper moisture testing and control before, during, and after the installation plays a very important role in the behavior of your hardwood floor investment. Many hardwood manufacturers suggest keeping the relative humidity of the home in the range of 40-55% after the installation to maintain the floor's original appearance. Not doing so will cause shrinkage, swelling (buckling) or other unpleasant surprises.

It's important to discover what the average moisture content may be in your region to determine what is best suited for your install needs. What may prove successful in Florida for example, may not be for southern California. Other forms of moisture testing would  the use of meters that test moisture in concrete subfloors. Additionally, relative humidly can play a significant role before, during, and after the installation.



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