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Acclimation of Hardwood Floors To The Jobsite

  • Tips for problem free installations.
  • Why some floors cup and others don't.
  • Gaps in winter months?

  • Acclimation to the installation environment for solid hardwood floors should never be overlooked. While it's not as important for engineered products due to the stability in the way they are constructed, solid products will expand and contract considerably, given the right conditions.Acclimating Hardwood Floors

    Following are some basic guidelines for a problem free installation: before during, and after.

    • Solid flooring should be delivered to the jobsite and allowed to acclimate to the conditions in which it will be installed or near occupancy levels. Temperature and humidity should be monitored.
    • Delivery should be after major projects have been completed and thoroughly dry, such as dry wall and masonry work. Doors and windows must be in. Testing of wood subfloors should be performed and not to exceed 12-14%
    • Drainage- It's vital the grading should be directed away from the home to prevent unnecessary moisture problems.
    • Basements and crawl spaces need proper ventilation. Polyethylene film of 6 mil in thickness must be used as a proper vapor barrier.


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