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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

How Long Will It Take? What's Involved? Example based on 400 square feet. Professionally done

Water Base Oil Base
2 days Time 3 Days
High** Mess **High
Low Allergy High

** Some refinishers offer sophisticated dust containment. Mess will be minimal.

Allergy reactions may vary with different finishes and species.

When considering refinishing hardwood floors it is suggested to remove all rugs, furniture, and drapes from the areas. If any other projects are planned such as painting we recommend doing this prior. When finishes are applied it is vital to have as little air flow in the areas as possible as airborne particles will find it's way into any newly applied finish. When doing any remodeling projects hardwood floor refinishing should scheduled at the very end to insure no unnecessary damage be incurred.

Protecting other areas and furniture from dust should also be considered.  An effective prevention would be with the use of thin painters plastic sheathing. When finishes are applied it is vital to have as little air flow in the areas as possible as airborne particles will find their way into any newly applied finish before it has had a chance to cure.

As with prefinished hardwood floors the longevity and appearance can be dictated by the care given. Using protective chair guides are recommended. When cleaning we suggest checking the leg bottoms for any trapped grit that will cause harm to any hardwood floor. 

Depending on the finish used, furniture should not be placed back into the areas until it is safe to do so. Weather conditions can play a significant role in how long it takes for a finish to cure. If in doubt, allow longer periods to prevent heartache.

Refinishing Factory Finished Hardwood Floors

With the recent popularity of aluminum oxide floor finishes, the refinishing process becomes more entailed. The procedure will be more labor intensive than a hardwood floor that has been previously finished on site. Expect higher costs



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