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Measuring for Moldings/Trim

Measuring for the molding pieces you will need is a lot easier than you think. At first it might seem a bit overwhelming, but once you know how each type of molding is used, it's a snap! First, if you are measuring for Wall Base or Quarter Round, that's really easy. Simply measure each wall, write down each measurement, and then total them up. We recommend that you also add about 10% waste to your total. After you have the total running feet you need, divide it by the length that the molding is sold in. You can do the math either in inches or in feet. For example, if you came up with a total of 960" or 80' that you need, and the molding is sold in 96" or 8' lengths, you would need 10 pieces of molding. If you don't end up with an even number, it is always recommended that you round up to the next piece.

When it comes to transition type molding, it's a little different. You will need to write down each doorway or opening measurement, and also the type of transition molding that will be used for each one. As a rule of thumb, one piece of transition type molding will usually do two doorways, as long as the doorways are less than 36". Also, if you have an opening that is wider than one piece of molding, we recommend that you split it in the center as opposed to one big piece and a small cut piece. You may have a little bit more waste doing it this way, but overall it will look better with the seem being in the middle.


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